Past Future Present, Building Lifestyle through out the ages

A lot has changed over the years. Throughout my various life phases, there are certain underlying themes that have held true regardless of the circumstances.  The pursuit to get the most out of life has constantly pushed me to build my lifestyle around maximizing my freedom and enjoyment of every day.  This used to mean living in my car  spending summers doing seasonal work in the backcountry of Colorado, Wyoming, and Alaska, with winter spent rock climbing, traveling, or home with my folks. We refer to this as the dirtbag lifestyle, which hallmarks is spending as little money as humanly possible to maximize the time not working, or just to survive to the next season at any rate.

These days I’m involved in a career and full-time job as a nurse. There is no offseason or foreseeable end to my current position for which I’m under contract. This is in sharp contrast to my former employment and can feel monotonous as a result.  Despite this I’ve built my lifestyle to still have as much freedom and enjoyment as it can; though there is always room for more. The underlying theme remains the same between the two. Not only that but the richness of the frugal dirtbag life, combined with the income machine my new career affords me, creates endless possibilities for building an ever more rewarding lifestyle. Which is what this blog is all about, building lifestyle.cropped-998019_567298896646879_1805086280_n.jpg