Chickens, Eggs, and Building your own Coop

After buying a house last winter, one of my first projects was getting chickens. Having grown up on a farm with chickens and fresh eggs, I always wanted to get my own flock. Having backyard chickens and producing your own eggs is great. I get a real sense of satisfaction when I eat something delicious right out of my own backyard, be it eggs or fresh veggies from the garden. The best thing about the chickens is that the eggs keep coming all winter, unlike the garden which is long dead and under snow. Not having to buy eggs, and selling a few extra dozen on the side, is a valuable step toward financial independence as well.

Casa de Pollos

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You should have a account

What is you ask? It’s a free service that, simply put, tracks your money. Mint links to your bank, credit cards, and other money related accounts and puts together a comprehensive overview of your finances. It shows you how much you spend, how much you make, total assets and debts and puts all the numbers in one place where you can see them. This is good information to have, even if you don’t know what to do with it right now, and the longer you have the account the better you can appreciate your financial trends in the long run.

There are Four main things that a Mint account will do for you.

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